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Changing Skies Vol. II will launch on December 1st, 2023. Look out for its publication online!

Hear from Ian Hall, the editor-in-chief of Hindsight and Changing Skies, about the design of Vol. II's cover: 

When we began production on Changing Skies Vol. II, we knew we wanted to take a visual approach that differed from our debut outing. Developing a strong design style that captured the sense of Hindsight, our parent journal, while still allowing Changing Skies to evolve into its own identity, was a major focus for us.

In Changing Skies Vol. II, you’ll find an approach to page design that walks you in with beautiful art and keeps you walking through page after page of beautifully-written poetry and prose. Our goal has always been to highlight the incredible work of our contributors, and we believe the layout of our pages is crucial to properly appreciating what is on them.


We approached the cover of Volume II with the same philosophy, wanting a step in a new direction from Changing Skies Vol. I while holding onto the core visual identity that is Hindsight. This year’s cover, featuring beautiful photography by Deborah Ajilore and long-time Hindsight contributor Daniel Workman, works to create a stunning interplay of black, white, color, and texture. With simple typography and carefully-chosen hues, we believe the cover of Changing Skies Vol. II is the best yet. We’re excited to get it into your hands on December 1st. 


Hindsight Volume III was launched at Boulder Bookstore on April 7th

Watch the 2023 Hindsight Launch Event on YouTube.


Hindsight’s print journals are funded in part by CU Boulder’s Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program. UROP has supported students working with faculty on publishing Creative Nonfiction since 2013.

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